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Load Cell


Load Cell

This HSG-C/CC accessory allows you to adjust the sealing pressure in regular intervals. The whole procedure-from attachment to adjustment-is only a matter of a few minutes.

Adjustment of sealing force

Adjusting the Force Display / HSG - CC

The sealing force is set using an electronic pressure controller. To compensate for tolerances of the pressure controller, pneumatic cylinder, press head and return springs, the control system calculates the characteristic curve between the control voltage and the achieved sealing force on the basis of several sealing processes at different pressures. When the HSG-C is delivered, the force display has been calibrated with the actual sealing force using a calibrated load cell. Over a longer operating period, the transmission of force is changed due to wear and tear and/or increasing friction. To ensure an exact sealing force setting, you must check the force display at regular intervals (approx. every 6 to 12 months) and re-adjust if necessary. To do this, use the load cell (available as an optional accessory) or the load cell from our calibrated HSG-P test equipment monitoring device.